Lifetime movies dating violence

Also released under the alternative title "Death of a Cheerleader"IMDB synopsis: At an American high school, all that matters to the materialistic kids is that they are the best at every thing.Outsider Angela's plan to befriend the most popular girl in school backfires leading to deadly consequences. Stars: Kellie Martin, Tori Spelling, James Avery Best Scene: Angela pathetically telling Stacy Lockwood how cool and popular she is and how much she wants to be like her only to have Stacy call her "pathetic." Angela completely freaks out and stabs Stacy with her cucumber knife.

IMDB synopsis: When David, a widower with a teenaged son, marries Vicki, who is divorced and has a teenaged daughter, it's sure to be a happy family.

Actually, it was released during Swank's brief stint on 90210. The Takeaway: Should've stuck with swallowing gold fish as initiation.

Also released under the alternative title "When Friendship Kills"IMDB synopsis: When two friends, Lexi and Jennifer try and get in shape, they turn to bulimia.

But the kids, Tim and Jenny, become romantically attracted to each other, which makes David and Vicki VERY uncomfortable, and Vicki's ex-husband, Andy, furious.

It's no longer a happy family in this household.

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